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ABRA Reports will go out monday Aug 30th - you will get an email & text when yours are ready

At least 90% of all horses at a barrel race have the speed to clock. It is WHERE and HOW you are going on the pattern that is killing your time, not the overall speed of your horse



Interval Timing Reports

Interval Timing Reports take the guess work out of Barrel Racing by timing you in all segments of your run.

Over Head Videos

Ever wonder what path you are on to the barrel and where you may be loosing time?  With Overhead Videos we can show you your EXACT path and how take time off the clock.


We host Live Clinics with one goal in mind- to get you at least 1/2 second off the clock with the delivery being exactly what YOU and the HORSE you brought need to do to get it done.

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To become a partner of IntervalTiming.com with all of your equipment included (interval timers, interval cameras, equipment and training) the cost is $9850 payable in the currency of where you live (ie. if you are in the US it is US Funds, Canada it is CAD funds)

There are special rates for trainers/owners who want to set up a personal system for their own arena and do not plan on travelling and selling paper interval reports or visual intervals.

If you are interested in providing this service to your area, contact us today to get the process started!

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