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I am the founder of and the programmer who changed the way we can look at our Interval Times in barrel racing!

I have loved horses as long as I can remember.  We had a pony as kids and then went years without a horse on the property, but that never dampened my love.

Being like the average horse crazy enthusiast, I would sell my soul for a horse in a heartbeat.  I spent a lot of my time as a kid aligning myself with people who knew more than me about horses or had horses. I have always been fascinated with everything about them.

I grew up in Northern Ontario Canada.  It is fairly isolated and surrounded by trees, mountains and lakes. Not exactly horse country.

My family didn’t have a lot of money so I rode friends and family’s horses mostly over the years.  We did have a pony Rusty when we were little. He was a typical shetland that would let us ride for a bit and then lay down when he was done.  Some of my cousins and friends had horses and I used every opportunity I could to be with them. No one in our family did anything beyond basic riding and some gymkhanas.  We had a few local fairs per year that had open horse shows that I would watch with awe.

When I was in Highschool I saved up my babysitting money and took some basic riding lessons with a neighbor Sheila Platnick.  Sheila was a regular on the horse show circuit and showed arabs and quarter horses. She had a lot of patience and taught a lot of local kids horsemanship over the years.  I remember distinctly how much my family made fun of me – why would I waste my money on that, I already knew how to ride a horse – but to me there was more – how could you ask a horse to move with a draped rein and them not run away with you?  How could you get them to extend their legs at a trot with only your legs?

I have also loved rodeo and barrel racing since I can remember.  I remember watching Mesquite Championship Rodeo every Sunday night on the big pillow on our living room floor.

I have met a lot of great people and over the years and have accumulated knowledge from any and everyone I can. I have worked at a lot of jobs over the years including being an accounting technician, an auction mart clerk, T1 Tax return specialist, managed a consulting division in a bookkeeping firm.

I haven’t always been able to own a horse but have always kept involved through friends and acquaintances in the industry. (This is how I roll when a friend needs a picture of a horse and their kids need something to do when that is happening.

I expanded my knowledge by becoming a rodeo secretary and semi professional level rodeo timer and became involved with the administration of a provincial rodeo association.  All that time I just kept building and improving the jackpot program.  A good friend learned of another Interval Timing business for sale and suggested I should buy it.  I checked it out but wasn’t happy with the software or the reports it produced.  I had become quite a programmer in Excel with a job I had in the consulting industry, so I decided to to build my own program.  Over time I have merged my jackpot program and the software I knew we had to expand the process and how we show clients when and where they are adding time to their barrel run.  That is when Overhead Videos were born.  I purchased some cameras and through trial and error figured out the perfect angle, height and position for each camera.  This has really been a game changer for Interval Timing and our clients!

 My original vision is validated at every event I attend, as people will seek me out to tell me how much the report has helped them improve their times after reading the report and realizing where their horse wasn’t clocking.  I still love to barrel race myself and see some big championships in my not too distant future.  I would like to thank all of my friends who have helped me to bring my vision to life and let me love and ride their horses when I didn’t have one of my own.  It took a lot of miles, dust, rain, long nights and early morning to bring my vision to life, but it has been so worth it.



My & Copper Top Live businesses have given me a platform to observe and collect data on performance horses all over the US and Canada.

I have caught intervals and watched live over 500,000 barrel racing runs since starting the business. If you have ever sat and watched a run happen and the clock go at the same time, it is an eye opener on what the eye perceives is fast and what the clock says, and they can be two entirely different things.

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