1/2 Second Clinics

We combine the knowledge of movement & posture from The Performance Horse Academy and add in the data collected from’s reports & overhead videos to give you the best clinic in the industry!

Let's Get YOU Clocking!

This is a very focused live clinic with one goal – to get you at least ½ second off the clock with the delivery being exactly what YOU and the HORSE YOU BROUGHT need to do to get it done.

We are going to target the areas of your run that you are losing the most time on with the use of the Interval Timers & Overhead videos for proof.

Everyone will leave the clinic with a customized ½ second plan – what you need to get a ½ second off the clock for the horse you brought to the clinic and your overhead video & interval report.  Every rider will get 2 follow up video chats within 2 weeks if you choose to take them.

All riders must submit some simple pictures and measurements for horse and human skeleton analysis by the specified deadline


Evening Jackpot Run for $

BYO Refreshments, Snacks & Big Girl/Guy Panties, your Saddle and & Rack to sit on:

Group Run Analysis

Why taking a 3 foot short cut is costing you 30 feet right now


Horse & Human Skeleton/Muscles/Basic Ratios (and why I say that word so much)


Testing your Elements

Finding your Drive Lines

Finding your 1.8 Second Turn

The Money Line – Line to 1st Practice


What changes about 2nd barrel on different size patterns

How to practice a standard pattern in a small area

Full Pattern Work – grouped by Ratios


  • Horse that you can high lope on with one hand on the reins in a straight line
  • Saddle Rack you can sit on with your saddle
  • Lawn Chair
  • All of your bits
  • All of your saddle pads
  • Big Girl/Guy Panties
  • Whatever food and drinks you need to keep the hangry away, your blood sugars level and keep you hydrated
  • A desire to get a ½ second off the clock and the work ethic to get it done when you are told what to do

Cost - $250 per rider + Arena/Travel Fees

Apply to be a Clinic Host Below:

Clinic Host Application

  • The cost of the clinic is $250 per rider for 6-8 riders plus arena & travel fees - travel/arena fees will be posted before the clinic is posted

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